Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bg tests


macaronni said...

Hey Jose!

Mac here :D How are you doing these days?

I hope you're doing well. Awesome works. I wonder what brush you use man? You always seem to have a painted look. I'm curious how you work :P

Oso The Bear said...

Hey Mac, sup? How are you?
Well I usually start with a skecth done on either photoshop or sketchbook,I set teh lighting with grays at this point too, then i use photoshop for the painting I just overlay or multiply the ''light and shadows'' layer and tehn I go over giving a first pass of color, this is where i decidde teh colors, then I use almost teh same brush we used for Chaotic, is opacity 100% , flow100%, I squint it a bit so it wont eb rounded, and set on ''airbrush'' and ''smoothing'',and On shape dynamics i leave the size jitter control as'' Pen pressure'' and that's it!!=)